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Would you eat a McDonald's Nutella burger?

Posted at 3:46 PM, Nov 13, 2016

McDonald's customers in Italy are in for a real treat - Nutella burgers. Late last week, McDonald's announced that it is combining the hazelnut cocoa spread with its signature buns at its Italian locations. 

Would you consider the results "delicious?" 

"A soft sweetness has arrived that you will not be able to resist," McDonald's promotion said. "Try Sweety with Nutella now: soft bread with a creamy, indulgent center."

While the Nutella burgers are not available in North America yet, the sandwich has generated a fair amount of buzz online. McDonald's post announcing the new sandwich garnered 90,000 shares on Facebook. 

Sandwiches are not the only way Nutella can be consumed. It can also be used on waffles, donuts, brownies, cakes, apples, ice cream and more. 

McDonald's Sweety con Nutella item might be one of McDonald's healthier items at just 256 calories.