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Words to avoid when searching online for a well paying telecommute job

Posted at 5:35 PM, May 11, 2017

For many of us a typical workday begins sitting in traffic followed by hours behind a desk and by the end, you're exhausted. That’s exactly how mom of 2, Sara Sutton Fell felt while working in corporate America.

As her kids grew older, she wanted a job with more flexibility. After researching online to find a great telecommute positions, Sutton Fell realized there were more scams than legitimate job options. 

She said, “I figured if I was having this hard of a time there are other people of all walks of life, men, women all ages who are experiencing the challenge of finding jobs with flexibility."

Instead of giving up hope, Sutton Fell took a risk and quit her job to start an online site showcasing thousands of remote opportunities for people looking for more flexibility in their work life. It's called FlexJobs.

Based on what she went through, Sutton Fell found it can be easy to fall victim to a scam and suggests doing two things as you search for telecommute opportunities. 

First, use the right key words. Stay away from words like, work from home and work at home. Those are scam friendly. Instead, opt for telecommuting and remote.

Second, pay attention to the URL of the site you’re on. Scammers make copycat websites, so look out for poor grammar and vague job descriptions.