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Woman's obit throws in sly dig at Trump: 'Canada wasn't far enough'

Posted at 9:56 AM, Jan 27, 2017

(CNN) -- The loss of a loved one is almost uniformly met with sadness. But often there's bits of humor mixed in too.

Robin Porch, a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter, died just hours after Donald Trump was inaugurated President.

So in her obituary, the 62-year-old Illinois woman's family worked in a little nod to her political leanings.

"With Trump as president, Canada wasn't far enough, so she moved to Heaven," the obit reads.

Her daughters are sure their mother would have approved.

"We are just coming off the election and everything else, and it was terrible that (her death) happened, and it was completely unexpected," daugther Sara Fields told the Belleville News-Democrat. "But, my mom did have a sense of humor and everything else aside, if she would ... be able to communicate that she passed away on the day Donald Trump took office, she would find it humorous, you know?"

This is it

CNN wasn't able to reach Porch's family early Friday morning. But Fields and Porch's other daughter, Ashli Sparks, told the newspaper they thought their mom saw Trump's inauguration and said, "This is it."

"But it's ... sad; everything about it is sad. It's sad that we just lost our mom," Sparks said. "But you have to find the humor in the situation. Because we all have to keep going and keep moving. This can't end it, so we had to poke a little fun in there."

Fields says the reaction to the Trump quip, from those who knew her mother, has been positive, and she's not exactly worried if anyone finds it distasteful.

The gift that Sparks gave to her mom at Christmas featured a humorous political connection as well -- a Hillary Clinton Chia pet.

"I told her since she wasn't going to see Hillary in office, she could at least grow her on her table."

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