Woman claims DNA test proves her parents' fertility doctor is her father

Posted at 11:07 PM, Apr 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-06 06:14:35-04

A 36-year-old Washington woman is claiming that a DNA test she took on showed that her biological father was her parents' fertility doctor, the Washington Post reported. 

According to the Washington Post, Kelli Rowlette's DNA test claimed that she had a parent-child relationship with Gerald E. Mortimer, a fertility doctor in Idaho. Rowlette said she did not know her mother used artificial insemination. 

The doctor had diagnosed Rowlette's father with low sperm count and her mother with a tipped uterus. Mortimer recommended inseminating Rowlette's mother with sperm from both her husband and an anonymous sperm donor. According to the Washington Post, the couple asked for a donor who was at least 6-foot-tall, in college and had brown hair and blue eyes. 

Mortimer had told her parents that he used a match for the sperm donation. Mortimer did not meet Rowlette's parents standards for sperm donation. 

Mortimer was also listed as Rowlette's delivery doctor, and signed her birth certificate. 

A lawsuit has been filed in federal court against Mortimer for fraud and medical negligence.

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