Why you should always put a quarter on a frozen cup of water when evacuating your home

Posted at 5:51 PM, Sep 06, 2017

DENVER – An emergency which can force you to leave your home can strike when you least expect it and in the haste of evacuating, you don’t often think about the insignificant things you’re leaving behind. Especially when it comes to food left in the refrigerator.

But a trick that’s making the rounds on social media after thousands were forced from their homes after Hurricane Harvey -- and the droves more that are being ordered to evacuate in Florida due to Hurricane Irma, might save you from visiting your local pharmacy for ingesting spoiled food.

This trick isn’t only for people being evacuated because of a hurricane, but can also apply to those leaving for vacation for a long period of time, or for those that have been forced from their homes due to some other circumstance.

So how does this trick work?

Before leaving, make sure to freeze a cup of water. Then, place a coin on top of the ice and put the cup back in the freezer.

When you come back, check the frozen cup of water. If the coin is not at the top of frozen water, then it means power in your home went out, thawing the frozen water and spoiling any food you may have had in the freezer.

If the coin has remained at the top of the frozen water, then you’re safer to consume food left in the freezer.

This simple tip, provided by Sheila Pulanco Russell in North Carolina, can save you from any potential hazards you may encounter after returning to your home.