VIDEO: Suspect hiding in trunk ambushes Idaho officer

Posted at 5:50 AM, Nov 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-24 06:21:21-05

(NBC) - Police dashcam video recorded an Idaho police officer bringing down a man after he was ambushed when the suspect jumped out of a car trunk.

Video shows the Lewiston police officer pulling over a vehicle driving without a license plate, which matched the description of a wanted man's vehicle.


The officer was looking for 22-year-old Jesse Harrell, who failed to appear in court for charges of malicious injury to property and driving without privileges.

Instead of the suspect, Harrell's mother was found driving the car.

When the officer walked behind the vehicle, Jesse Harrell, jumps out of the trunk while armed and attacks the officer.

Instead of firing his gun, the police officer wrestled the suspect to the ground.

Jesse Harrell was taken into custody and faces charges for aggravated assault and resisting arrest.

Harrell's mother was also arrested for obstructing justice.

Courtesy: NBC News Channel

Officials said the suspect had brass knuckles in his pocket at the time of the attack.