VIDEO: Ladder tumbles down highway, smashes into car

A frightening moment was caught on camera on April 17, 2019, when a ladder hit a car on US Highway 95 Las Vegas.
Posted at 5:55 AM, Apr 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-19 06:09:05-04

LAS VEGAS — A frightening moment was caught on camera in Las Vegas this week.

Video shows a ladder come out of nowhere, hitting the windshield of a car driving on U.S. Route 95 highway.

The driver of the car, Madi Nelson, said the experience was frightening.

"From across the right lane, the ladder kind of rolls, and everyone else kind of rolls over it," said Nelson.

Her first reaction was to swerve left.

"I was in the far left lane, so I was just able to get over to the emergency lane. I threw my hazards on, and I was just trying to figure out what just happened," said Nelson.

Seconds before hitting her car, the mini van in front of her missed it.

"And it kicked it up into the air and actually this panel took most of the blow and shattered the windshield," said Nelson.

Now, she's left with the damage and wondering how to pay for it.

"Unfortunately we are college students, and we can't afford these repairs, so we are kind of left in the hole in this unless we can find someone," said Nelson.

It’s unclear who the ladder belongs to or what car it came from.

Nelson is hoping someone will come forward.

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