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Video goes viral of President Carter on DC-bound flight, shaking hands with everyone on board

Posted at 4:18 PM, Jun 11, 2017

Former President Jimmy Carter was a popular man on board a flight bound for Washington DC on Thursday as the former president shook hands with everyone on board the flight leaving from Atlanta. 

Video captured the 92-year-old making his way down the plane's aisle as a Secret Service Agent followed. 

"I was definitely shocked," James Sheffield, the man who taped Carter's interactions with the passengers, told Fox-5. "Who expects a president to be on their commercial flight, let alone making an effort to greet every passenger? Everyone seemed genuinely excited and the overall sentiment was that it was really nice to have that kind of moment where party or politics didn't matter."

One person on the flight could be heard saying, "I love you Jimmy Carter." 

Despite being out of office for 37 years, Carter has remained active despite a few health scares. Carter continues to teach Sunday School in his hometown of Plains, Georgia. He also was in attendance for President Donald Trump's inauguration in January.