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Uber testing new feature that will share location and trip info with 911 at the touch of a button

Posted at 3:50 PM, Apr 12, 2018

Uber announced Thursday that it's introduced safety features in select markets, including a new emergency button.

Denver is one of the cities where Uber is testing the new safety features. They're designed to keep riders connected if they need help, so even if they're riding alone, they're never really by themselves.

Among the new features is an emergency button that connects users directly to a dispatcher. In some pilot cities, like Denver, once a rider presses the emergency button, their location and trip details will be automatically sent to the 911 dispatcher.

There are other initiatives Uber is planning to roll out this summer across the country, and not just in pilot cities.

In the "Safety Center," users can find tips from law enforcement, learn things like how Uber screens drivers, and insurance protections. "Trusted Contacts" allows riders to pick up to five friends and family members and share trip details with them during every ride. That way, they can follow you along and know when they've arrived.

When it comes to drivers, Uber says it is also strengthening its screening process and will keep doing background checks on drivers every year. They're even investing in technology to let them know if a driver has a new offense.

Uber says based on how the 911 pilot goes in Denver, they will decide whether or not to expand to other cities.