Travelers could get a free sandwich if they prove they ride in middle seats on flights

Many hate flying in the middle seat, so one sandwich giant is taking advantage of that for a promotional offer.
Subway sandwiches
Posted at 10:55 PM, Oct 31, 2022

Sandwich giant Subway is large in the fast food world, and is looking to give free food to those passengers trying to get to their destination fast, but have to fly in the middle seat.

Subway is offering free foot-long sandwiches to passengers who upload a photo of themselves in the middle seat on their flights.

The fast food chain says that on Nov. 3, it will open up the site to give players the chance to upload their photos and possibly win a free sandwich.

The site will only be open for submissions for one day. Thursday is also the day that National Sandwich Day falls on.

The company says it expects to give out 10,000 gift cards for free sandwiches.

As Thrillist reported, Subway will also have a buy one get one offer for sandwiches on Nov. 1.