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Tips to spring clean your health this season

Posted at 3:20 PM, Mar 11, 2019

Spring is just days away! That means a lot of people are gearing up to “spring clean” their homes. But it’s also a great time to “spring clean” your health!

One of the best parts about spring: more sun shine.

"Having sun exposure before noon is scientifically proven to help you with mood and sleep,” says Dr. Kate Johnson, a family medical practitioner.

Dr. Johnson says sunblock is a must for your skincare regimen, and the higher the SPF the better.

"Even though we can get vitamin D from the sun, we can take that in a supplement to protect our skin," she says.

Come spring, there are plenty of new fruits and vegetables in season, including apricots, asparagus, strawberries and artichokes.

Unfortunately, when nature is in full bloom, that means allergies are, too. So, before they strike, stock up on nasal sprays.

"You want to hop on those right now,” Dr. Johnson says. “I recommend dosing them at bedtime."

When taking care of your health this spring, it’s a good time to ditch the “I can’t exercise” mentality.

"If you are not an avid exerciser currently, I recommend starting with walking,” Dr. Johnson recommends. “[It’s] a fantastic way to go, and I like to tell my patients to start with 5 minutes is a great start, and we can build as we go."

Remember, no matter the season, sleep is key! Don't let anything come between you and rest.

Dr. Johnson recommends putting you phone down before sleep, as it can interfere with falling asleep.