Newsweek banned from being on the court house premises for rest of theater shooting trial

Posted at 4:47 PM, Jul 22, 2015
and last updated 2015-07-23 10:23:36-04

On Wednesday, the judge in the Aurora movie theater shooting trial banned Newsweek from the courthouse premises for the rest of the proceedings.

The national news outlet tweeted the jury foreman's name last week.

The defense team was able to pull up and print the tweet Wednesday morning.

"It's somewhat shocking to me that it was not deleted," Prosecutor Richard Orman said. 

The defense requested the organization and its reporters be banned for violating court procedures protecting the jurors' privacy and the judge agreed.

Public Defender Kristin Nelson also asked the judge to find Newsweek in contempt and asked that an investigator be brought in to learn how the juror's name was discovered.

"Frankly, Newsweek should know better. It is really disappointing that something like this happened," said Judge Carlos Samour. 

The judge said other members of the media present in court have been professional and respected the policies.

"Then here is someone who thinks she's special," Samour said.

A few hours later, the managing editor of Newsweek responded on Twitter.

Samour said he will not find the reporter in contempt. 

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