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Teen killed during rodeo in bull riding accident

Posted at 3:20 PM, Jan 30, 2023

A teen was killed on Saturday during a North Carolina rodeo.

The Rafter K Rodeo Company identified the victim as Denim Bradshaw.According to the Winston-Salem Journal, Bradshaw was thrown from the bull and was in cardiac arrest when EMTs arrived.

“He was one of the participants when this happened,” Brandon Gentry, a local emergency management director, told the Winson-Salem Journal. “He was riding a bull and was thrown off.”

The rodeo company offered its condolences to Bradshaw’s family.

“Our sport is truly a family and we are so thankful for everyone that was there to help. We are thankful for our on site EMT’s, paramedics and law enforcement that work so hard to care for the cowboys,” the company said. “This is a tragic event and words cannot describe the pain felt by this loss. We ask everyone to come together and pray for his family for comfort and healing in this difficult time.”

This type of injury is rare among rodeos, data indicate.

Government data released last year indicated that over a 10-year period, there were 70 rodeo-related injuries. Most of the injuries were to the head. In that timeframe, one fatality was reported.