Survey finds 33 percent of Americans think the CDC untrustworthy

Posted at 6:23 AM, Jun 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-28 06:49:39-04

A new poll says some Americans' opinions of the nation's public health agency has shifted during this pandemic.

In the past year, criticism of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has increased.

Ten months ago, a survey by Invisibly discovered 23 percent of people found the CDC untrustworthy. They performed the survey again more recently and found that number had risen to 33 percent.

Experts at Invisibly say it could be a symptom of the growing partisan divide in our nation.

"We think it's another manifestation of polarization that's going on around the pandemic either you're on one side or the other," said Dr. Don Vaughn, head of product at Invisbly.

Most Americans in the survey of 1,277 people say they trust the agency.