'Sugar daddy' billboard targets illegal immigrants

Posted at 6:06 PM, Oct 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-23 18:06:09-04

A controversial billboard in Austin, Texas has upset many local residents.

It reads, "Undocumented immigrant? Before you get deported get a sugar daddy."

"I was very disgusted by what I was seeing, to think that somebody would do that is just very a very low life individual would put that up there," said one Austin police officer.

The undercover sergeant with the Austin Police Human Trafficking-Vice Unit says he's shocked. The billboard sends potential clients to a website.

"These young ladies maybe they haven't been in America that long and they don't know how it goes and seeing that on the billboards, going, hey that's something I ought to look at trying to do and the next thing you know, they're in a world they can't get out of," the undercover officer said. "These young girls, it's from 12-25 to 30, still they're in that range where they can become vulnerable and have someone take advantage of them. "

The unidentified sergeant says he's seen a lot in his 20-year career in law, "This could increase the likelihood of a young female becoming a victim of prostitution, sexual assault, murder, there's no telling how far this could go."

The undercover officer says it can all start with a moment of vulnerability.

"I think the billboard should be taken down immediately, there's no reason that billboard should be up there advertising to this community," he says.