Malachi Love-Robinson arrested at Virginia car dealership

Posted at 9:50 PM, Sep 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-11 08:47:42-04

Malachi Love-Robinson, the accused fake teen doctor, was arrested at a car dealership in Stafford, Virginia on Friday. 

According to car dealership employees, Love-Robinson was trying to purchase a car using fraudulent employment information and was detained by deputies Friday afternoon. 

The fake teen doctor allegedly tried to use a distant relative's credit card to purchase a car. 

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Workers say a woman who said she considered herself Love-Robinson's godmother was with him at the dealership, but didn't know her credit card was being used.

According to the Stafford County Sheriff's Office, Love-Robinson completed an online credit application in anticipation of purchasing a $35,000 Jaguar. The elderly female was listed as a co-signer on the credit application.

Employees became concerned that Love-Robinson may have been trying to fraudulently obtain the Jaguar and may be stealing money from the woman he claimed was his mother.

Employees told Love-Robinson they would call him when his credit application was approved and he left the dealership.

Deputies arrived to the dealership and employees summoned Love-Robinson back, telling him his credit application had been approved.

Love-Robinson told deputies that he had come to Virginia to purchase a car for himself and another for his godmother, who was with him. He stated she had agreed to co-sign the loan for the Jaguar he was attempting to purchase.

Deputies then spoke to the woman and learned that she was a distant relative of Love-Robinson through her son's wife, and that he considered her to be his godmother.

Deputies asked the woman if she felt she was in any danger or being taken advantage of and she stated she did not. They asked about her willingness to co-sign the loan for the Jaguar and she told them she had no intentions of doing so.

A deputy then showed her the credit application Love-Robinson had completed that had her information, including her social security number.

According to a news release by the Sheriff's Office, the woman's demeanor then changed and she stated she had not given permission to him to use her as a co-signer for this loan or any other.

The Sheriff's Office says the car dealership ran her credit history and discovered there were two other loan applications submitted in the last couple of days with her information that she was unaware of.

A check with her credit card company revealed there had been a $1,200 charge the previous day for two iPad tablets and a cell phone that she had not purchased.

According to deputies, Love-Robinson had been bragging to the employees of the dealership earlier that day about the two iPads he had recently purchased. They were seized at the time of his arrest, along with other items.

In Florida, Love-Robinson was embroiled in a legal controversy for allegations he was trying to practice medicine without a license.

His defense lawyers said they were exploring a mental health defense. 

Authorities said Friday evening that Love-Robinson was booked at the Rappahannock Regional Jail in Stafford County, Virginia on charges related to fraudulent use of a credit card. 


Ed. note: This story has been edited to reflect that the woman was referred to as Love-Robinson's "mother" and "godmother". Previous versions initially stated she was referred to as his "aunt".