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Some worried COVID test website may crash on opening day

Posted at 7:53 PM, Jan 17, 2022

Starting Wednesday, Americans will be able to receive up to four free COVID test kits.

The website is

But will it go smoothly, or will it be like trying to get tickets to "Hamilton" or Coachella?

“I remember the last time the government made a significant healthcare website, that was and that was a big disaster,” said Ceci Connolly, the CEO of Alliance Community Health Plans, a collection of smaller non-profit insurance providers.

She says she’s worried about the first few days of launch, after the crash of on its first day back in 2013.

“I’m going to predict that there is the potential for it to crash if everyone is waiting to jump on,” said Connolly.

So she says the key will be to be patient. If you can’t get your test the very first day you may have to wait.

“I really do implore everyone to not kind of go racing out, hunting for test kits if you don’t need them. We really want to make certain that people who need these the most can get on to that website,” said Connolly.

You can also buy your own home COVID test and get reimbursed by your private insurance company up to $12 a test, for eight tests.

But again, there is an emphasis on not hoarding supplies that you don’t need.

“I see a bit of a behavior pattern,” said Connolly, “The most compliant, the people that have gotten their vaccines, gotten their booster, they wear their mask, they’re socially distanced, they may be the people that go and pick up eight new test kits, stash them in the closet at home and there they sit.”

It will also take a while to get your test from They won't ship for at least 7 days, and then you have to wait to get them through the U-S Postal Service.

So if you need one immediately, buy one at the store and save those receipts, or go to a testing site.