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'SNL' returns to take shots at Donald Trump and Fox News

Posted at 10:15 AM, Apr 08, 2018

After a few weeks away, "Saturday Night Live" returned to take some shots at Fox News and President Trump.

The NBC variety series kicked off with a cold open of Leslie Jones as Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner reporting alerts like just the word "Mexicans" and if former President Obama could be impeached. It then went to a joint press conference with Alec Baldwin's President Trump and leaders from the Baltic states.

"Let's make this quick," Baldwin's Trump said. "I have a lot of trade war to escalate here, OK? That's why I just announced tariffs on more Chinese products like fireworks and finger traps."

The fake president also said that he expelled the "infamous Chinese billionaire P.F. Chang" and was now welcoming the leaders from the Baltic nations.

"Even in the game Monopoly, Baltic Avenue was always my favorite property," Baldwin as Trump said before reading a prepared statement to prove that he "can read."

The joint press conference touched on many issues, including Baldwin's Trump reading his notes to not congratulate Russian President Vladimir Putin on his election win (which, of course, he did), calling one of the Baltic leaders a "gypsy woman" and zoning out during the conference.

"Oh my god, I'm already so bored," Baldwin's internal monologue as Trump said while the other leaders were talking. "I wish I was watching 'Roseanne.' How great is that show? Roseanne loves me. She's like a good Rosie O'Donnell."

Baldwin's Trump also answered questions from reporters about topics like why he hates Amazon and its CEO, Jeff Bezos.

"I hate Jeff," Baldwin as the president said. "He's way richer than me and he admits to being bald so I feel threatened on two levels."

But before the end of the press conference, the fake president had to deal with a giant Easter bunny that showed up.

"One more thing, does anyone else see this rabbit?" he said. "I'm not the only one that sees this rabbit, right?"

Baldwin's Trump then welcomed the audience to "SNL" with the show's signature phrase, "Live ... From New York, it's Saturday night!"