Security video records apparent abduction attempt

Posted: 9:54 AM, Oct 19, 2016
Updated: 2016-10-19 13:27:46-04

(KPRC, NBC NEWSCHANNEL) A Texas mother says she was close to experiencing every parent's worst nightmare over the weekend and it was all caught on camera!

Florence Monauer was shopping with her 14-month-old daughter at a Houston grocery store on Saturday.

Security video shows that when Monauer's back was turned a man walks up and tries to pick up the toddler without her permission.

Monauer says she realized what was happening once she heard the rustling of fabric to which the child was attached.

Monauer got her child but says the man never spoke to her and only spoke to the toddler.

The man, who did not have a shopping cart or any groceries, then walked away and out of the store.

Monauer wants him brought to justice. "I think this was an attempted kidnapping and I want him to answer for it."

Monauer also says she wants this to serve as a warning to other parents. "I wanted people to be aware because this does happen and I want to prevent the same thing from happening because it gave me chills just thinking that this could have happened to my child and it may happen to someone else. I definitely want him to get caught."

Houston police are investigating the incident as an attempted abduction.