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Sanders hindered by lack of minority support

Posted at 9:41 PM, Mar 01, 2016
In what once appeared to be a close race to the nominee finish line, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary solidified her lead over Bernie Sanders as Super Tuesday votes rolled in.
Early results showed Clinton reigning supreme in six states, while Sanders took two – Oklahoma and his home state, Vermont. 
Part of Sanders’ hindrance appears to be a lack of backing among minority voters – that despite a heavy campaign focus on racial justice and an unwavering effort to expand his support past white, liberal voters.
Without that backing, the self-described Democratic socialist has thus far failed in racking up a delegate count that could stand a chance against Clinton’s, in a race where nearly half of the Democratic turnout is expected to be nonwhite voters.
The LA Times reports that according to exit polls in Georgia and Virginia, Clinton was claiming more than 8 in 10 black voters.
Clinton carried a solid sweep across the South, winning over Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas and Texas as four other states remained active in voting.