Crisis in Ukraine hits home for Boca Raton pastor, wife

Daniel and Galina Naberezhny both have ties to Ukraine
Daniel and Galina Naberezhny
Posted at 4:38 PM, Mar 29, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-29 21:55:28-04

BOCA RATON, Fla. — As Ukrainians continue to leave their country to find refuge, a Boca Raton pastor and his wife are helping refugees who are coming to Florida.

"For me, it was my personal tragedy," said International Bible Church Pastor Daniel Naberezhny.

Watching and hearing the events unfold in Ukraine.

"I take it personally, because I was born in the eastern part of Ukraine, the city that is almost destroyed," said Galina Naberezhny.

Daniel and Galina Naberezhny both have ties to Ukraine.

"I was born in Russia in a large family of a pastor and my grandparents are Ukrainians, so in Soviet times they were displaced from their home in Ukraine," said Daniel Naberezhny.

In 2013, Daniel Naberezhny came to the U.S. graduating with his master's degree. He was ordained. He and Galina started a church in Boca Raton.

"We were sent there in 2019 to plant a church for those who speak the Russian language,” said Daniel Naberezhny. “And now most of our church members are from Ukraine, Russia and other places. We have also some Jewish families."

The church here is now raising funds for people in Ukraine.

"Also, we organized free legal consultations for those people who live, here but who have relatives over there,” said Daniel Naberezhny. “Some of them stuck in Poland border or in Ukraine, so they need to know what should they do."

Daniel Naberezhny church is also helping refugees who end up in South Florida.

"Every week on Fridays, we have English classes for the community," he said.

"I see new families refugees coming from Ukraine," said Galina Naberezhny. "They start attending these classes."

"When all foundations are shaking people start looking for something that is more stable," said Daniel Naberezhny. "And they see the hope in God and my goal as a pastor of a church to share this hope."

"Every day I gather my kids, we kneel, and we pray,” said Galina Naberezhny. “We pray for the peace, we pray for protection over the people."