Anti-war protester interrupts Russian state TV broadcast

Woman with sign interrupts broadcast
Posted at 11:22 AM, Mar 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-15 11:26:44-04

MOSCOW — An anti-war protester holding a sign interrupted one of Russia's major state television live broadcasts around 9:31 p.m. Moscow time on Monday.

Her sign, which was in English and Russian said, "No war. Stop the war. Do not believe the propaganda they tell you. Lies here."

The last line of the sign said in English, "Russians Against War."

As she was holding the sign, the anti-war protester first shouts "stop the war" and then "no to war."

The Washington Post identified the woman as Marina Ovsyannikova, a television producer at the station.

Reports say she could face charges of "discrediting" the actions of Russia's armed forces.

Russian television news has long been controlled by the government and independent news organizations have long been censored.