Record Store Day 2015: Some of the best releases to look for

Posted at 4:05 PM, Apr 17, 2015
and last updated 2015-04-17 16:05:07-04

Record Store Day 2015 is Saturday and across the world, independent record stores are being championed by major labels and artists, who are dropping vinyl editions of new and classic music.

To see a complete list of record stores taking part in Record Store Day 2015, click here.

Below are some of the most intriguing releases coming on Record Store Day. There's something for every type of music fan.

For Collectors:

Junior Brown - “Better Call Saul” (7-inch vinyl) - This limited-run vinyl features the theme song to the AMC series as well as an instrumental version.

Metallica - “No Life Til Leather” (cassette tape) - This is a holy grail for heavy metal fans. A cassette version of Metallica’s 1982 demo tape, with early versions of tracks that would appear on the band’s first album, “Kill Em All.”

The Rocky Horror Picture Show - “The Time Warp EP” (10-inch vinyl) - This record features extended, karaoke and original mixes of the classic track “The Time Warp” from the cult film “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” It’s a first on vinyl in 26 years.

World Wrestling Entertainment - “The Wrestling Album” & “Piledriver” (2 LPs) - Originally released in 1985 and 1987, these two records feature theme songs of classic wrestlers like Junkyard Dog, Hulk Hogan and “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, as well as “Mean” Gene Okerlund singing “Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo.”

For Classic Rockers:

David Bowie - “Changes” (7-inch picture vinyl) - One of Bowie's best tracks, on a limited-edition picture disc.

Bruce Springsteen - 1973-1984 catalog (12-inch vinyl) -  Each album, from the Boss' debut "Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J." through his smash "Born in the U.S.A." remastered on individual vinyl releases.

Bob Dylan - “The Basement Tapes” (12-inch vinyl) - The most extensive collection of tunes recorded by Dylan and the Band, available on vinyl.

Paul McCartney - “The Family Way: Original Soundtrack Recording” (12-inch vinyl) - The rare soundtrack McCartney composed for a 1966 movie.

U2 - “Songs of Innocence” (2 LPs) A deluxe edition of the band’s latest critically-acclaimed record.



For Country Fans:

Johnny Cash - “Koncert v Praze (Live in Prague)” (12-inch red heavy weight vinyl) Cash playing his hits live in Soviet Prague in 1983.

Steve Earle - “Terraplane Blues” (10-inch vinyl) Earle’s version of the track on one side and Robert Johnson’s original on the other.

Willie Nelson - “Teatro” (2 LPs, colored discs) A reissue of Nelson’s 1998 record produced by Daniel Lanois. Its pressing will be limited to 5,000 copies.

For ‘80s Music Diehards:

A-Ha - “Take on Me” (7-inch picture vinyl) - A collectible pressing of the band's most well-known track.

Brian Eno - “My Squelchy Life” (2 LPs) - This previously lost album is available on vinyl for the first time.

Tears for Fears - “Shout” and “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” (12-inch vinyl) - This record features extended remixes of both classic songs.



For Rap Fans:

Kid Cudi - “Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon” (2 LPs) This vinyl release represents a first for this 2013 album that was only available via digital download.

Public Enemy - “Harder Than You Think” (12-inch picture vinyl) A limited edition pressing of the group’s 2007 acclaimed single.

Grandmaster Flash - “The Message” (7-inch colored vinyl) The greatest rap song of all time, according to Rolling Stone magazine is on side A and a cover by the Irish band Stiff Little Fingers is on the other side.

For Alternative Fans:

Florence and the Machine - "What Kind of Man" (12-inch blue vinyl) A preview of the band's long-awaited new album with two tracks on a heavy disc.

Foo Fighters - “Songs from the Laundry Room” (10-inch vinyl) - Demos of previously released tracks, a cover of Kim Wilde’s “Kids in America” and a new tune.

Mumford and Sons - “Believe” (7-inch hand-numbered vinyl) - A collector's printing of the band's latest single, with B-side track “The Wolf."

The Decemberists - “Picaresque” (12-inch red vinyl) - A reissue of the classic album on its 10th anniversary, with a collectible booklet and postcard set.

Vampire Weekend - “Step” (12-inch white vinyl) - The original version, instrumental and remix of the band’s 2014 single are included on this record.



For Soul Fans:

Otis Redding - “Otis Blue: Otis Redding Sings Soul” (2 LPs) - DJs will be rejoicing since this is the first time this album will be available on vinyl. It features the legendary Otis Redding performing soul standards like “Respect” and “My Girl.”

Marvin Gaye - “How Sweet it is (to be Loved by You)” (7-inch vinyl) - Side B of this classic reissue is Gaye’s duet with Mary Wells, “Once Upon a Time.”

Frank Sinatra - “Songs for Young Lovers” (10-inch vinyl) - The first album Sinatra ever cut for Capitol Records has been remastered on vinyl. It includes classics like “I Get a Kick out of You” and “My Funny Valentine.”

For Lovers of the Oldies:

The Everly Brothers - “15 Everly Hits” (12-inch vinyl) - This marks the first time this 1962 greatest hits collection has been pressed on vinyl in almost 50 years.

The Dixie Cups - “Chapel of Love” (12-inch vinyl) - A rare find on vinyl, over 50 years after its original pressing. It features the iconic hit single, which was co-written by Phil Spector.

The Kinks - “Kinksize Session” (7-inch vinyl) - Fifty-one years after it was first released, The Kinks’ first EP is back on vinyl. It features the band’s cover of “Louie Louie.”

Clint Davis is a writer for the E.W. Scripps National Desk. Follow him on Twitter @MrClintDavis.