Prankster leaving 'It' movie red balloons on sewer grates

Posted at 1:06 PM, Sep 06, 2017

LITITZ, Pennsylvania — Someone is leaving red balloons tied to sewer grates in a Pennsylvania town, a move similar to that of a clown in the movie "It."

"It" will be released in theaters this Friday. A red ballon is the signature of Pennywise, a sewer-dwelling, child-eating clown in the horror novel "It" by Stephen King, on which the film is based.

Lititz police posted photos of a balloon tied to a sewer grate there and in a playful Facebook post said they were "terrified" and "respectfully request they not do that again."

No one has come forward to take credit or say whether this is a publicity stunt for the film.

The police did say they admired the creativity of the prankster.