Poll: Which college football teams would have won playoffs?

Posted at 3:15 PM, Jan 09, 2015
and last updated 2015-01-09 15:27:45-05

Chances are good that either Oregon or Ohio State — if not both — would not have gotten a chance to play for the title under the old format.

The Buckeyes and Ducks would be far from the first squads to feel as if they deserved a shot to play in the big game.

Here are some of the teams that have the best arguments. Take our poll to pick which team you think would have had the best chance.

Contenders: Miami (FL), Washington
Championship game: Oklahoma 13, Florida State 2
The argument: While Oklahoma entered the championship as the only undefeated, few saw the Sooners as a championship team. Florida State was favored by 11 points. Both Miami and Washington entered the bowl season with only one loss as well. The Hurricanes beat Florida State, while Washington beat Miami leading to a long conversation about which team most deserved to take on Oklahoma. Florida State ultimately won out.

Championship game: Miami 37, Nebraska 14
The argument: Nebraska failed to win its own conference after losing to Colorado 62-36. Oregon, meanwhile, also only had one loss and dominated Colorado 38-16 in the Fiesta Bowl. Whether the Ducks led by Joey Harrington could have taken down the dominant Hurricanes is another question, but with this format Oregon would have gotten a shot.

University of Southern California
Championship game: Louisiana State University 21, Oklahoma 14
The argument: LSU, Oklahoma and USC all entered bowl season with one loss, but The Associated Press voters had the Trojans at No. 1. Oklahoma lost its Big 12 championship game badly to Kansas State, leading many to think the one-loss Trojans deserved a chance.

Championship game: University of Southern California 55, Oklahoma 19
The argument: Utah and Auburn also finished this season undefeated, but few thought mid-majors could contend at this point. Oklahoma actually was favored by a point in this game, but the dominant Trojans handled the Sooners. Auburn would have gotten a shot in this new format.

Championship game: Florida 41, Ohio State 14
The argument: Many thought Michigan deserved a rematch after losing at Ohio State by a field goal in the season’s final game. Florida under current Ohio State coach Urban Meyer proved to be a deserving selection.

Utah, Texas
Championship game: Florida 24, Oklahoma 14
The argument: Oklahoma entered the game undefeated, but once again Florida edged out fellow one-loss teams. Texas lost a mid-season road game to Texas Tech, which finished the year as a Top-10 team. Utah, meanwhile, finished the season undefeated and beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl in one of the biggest bowl wins for a mid-major.

Texas Christian University
Championship game: Auburn 22, Oregon 19
The argument: TCU showed it could compete against major programs with a Rose Bowl victory against Wisconsin. Oregon and Auburn both also finished undefeated, but this was arguably one of the best chances for a non-BCS team to get into the playoffs.

Oklahoma State, Stanford
Championship game: Alabama 21, LSU 0
The argument: LSU beat Alabama in an ugly 9-6 overtime game in the middle of the season, but voters opted to give the Crimson Tide a second chance despite valid arguments from Oklahoma State and Stanford.

So which do you think would have done the best in the new playoff format?