Politicians, guns and money looked at by PolitiFact

Posted at 10:04 PM, Apr 14, 2016

Politicians, guns and money, some bold statements in the presidential campaign this week.

Ted Cruz going after John Kasich and Hillary Clinton hitting Bernie Sanders. We put them both to the test on the Truth-O-Meter in this week’s PolitiFact check.

“Senator Sanders wants higher standards for toy guns than real guns," Clinton said. 

Clinton is slamming Sanders for voting to protect gun manufacturers from some lawsuits. She voted against that 2005 law, which protects gun makers from liability for crimes committed using their products.

“This is a great line but it’s a lot more complicated then Hillary Clinton is letting on," Politifact's Aaron Sharockman said. 

PolitiFact talked with experts, including law professors. They got a split response. Some agreeing with Clinton, while others said the law gave gun-makers the same protections as other industries.

PolitiFact rates Hillary Clinton’s statement: HALF-TRUE.


Meanwhile, Sen. Ted Cruz’s campaign directly attacking John Kasich, as the competition for GOP delegates grows fierce.

A Cruz ad suggests Kasich, as governor of Ohio, orchestrated shady deals to benefit his friends and campaign funders…

“After Kasich became governor, that same firm got $619,000 in tax breaks for job creation, but last year that company laid off 100 Ohioans, even as the CEO cut a half-million dollar check to Kasich’s Super-PAC," Cruz's ad said. 

“Ted Cruz’s ad here strings together a lot of accurate parts but when you put them all together it doesn’t quite add up," Sharockman said. 

While the text is factual, what isn’t explained is that everything in the ad has been the subject of prior complaints that did not lead to any regulatory or legal action.

PolitiFact rates the Cruz ad: Mostly True.

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