Phoenix woman hits boyfriend with car after learning he has HIV

Posted at 5:04 AM, Jun 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-16 09:58:41-04

(KPNX/NBC) - Shocking video of a Phoenix woman purposely hitting a man on a bike was released this week.

Authorities said the driver was the man's girlfriend, and that she had just found out he was HIV positive.

Surveillance video record on April 29 shows a Ford Mustang slam into the cyclist, sending him head over heels into the air.

Just moments before the crash, video showed the cyclist and the driver of the car speaking to each other.

After the conversation, the Mustang runs down the cyclist and hits him.

Amazingly, the cyclist survived the accident.

Investigators said the man was diagnosed with a fractured vertebrae and received staples for a head injury.

The woman was indicted on several charges including attempting to commit second-degree-murder. She has pleaded not guilty.

Courtesy: KPNX via NBC News Channel