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Patient says doctor kicked her out over Trump disagreement

Posted at 5:43 PM, Nov 14, 2016

BROOMALL, Pa. (AP) — A teacher says she went to her doctor for a physical but instead got booted from the office by her Donald Trump-supporting physician after she disagreed with him.

Heidi Kravitz Dunn tells The Philadelphia Inquirer it happened Friday in Broomall.

She says Dr. Joseph LaBricciosa ranted about the inner city kids she teaches and criticized protests over Trump's election.

Dunn says she told him they had a right to protest. She says he replied if she didn't believe what he believed, his practice wasn't for her and she needed to go. So she left.

LaBricciosa says he didn't kick her out. He adds he sent her a letter of apology and won't talk politics with patients anymore.

Dunn says she has a new doctor.