Oregon nurse accused of faking cancer could lose nursing license

Posted at 5:26 PM, Sep 03, 2017

Jenifer Gaskin of Tualatin, Oregon could end up losing hernursing assistant certification after she was accused of faking cancer and receiving $10,000 through an online fundraiser, KOIN-TV reported. 

According to KOIN, Gaskin told friends and family that she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Gaskin claimed that she was treated by three different hospitals for the cancer, but investigators could not find any evidence that she had been treated. 

KOIN reported that the Oregon State Board of Nursing accused Gaskin of engaging in conduct unbecoming of a nursing assistant. It is giving Gaskin until Sept. 10 to respond to the allegations, or she risks losing her license. 

Friends of Gaskin told KOIN that Gaskin hosted a pre-chemo party when her alleged cancer first started to emerge. Gaskin claimed that her cancer could be easily treated, but took a turn for the worse. 

Her friends then helped raise money through Go Fund Me for her to take time away from nursing in 2014. Friends also cooked Gaskin meals, and held a fundraiser at an Oregon pizza parlor and drive in. 

But those friends became suspicious. 

“Things were vague, inconsistent, as far as if she was getting worse… it was helping, it wasn’t helping,” friend Jill Hanns told KOIN.

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