NTSB releases Akron plane crash report

Posted at 1:15 PM, Apr 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-20 20:10:17-04

The National Transportation Safety Board released on Wednesday the public docket regarding the Akron plane crash that killed all nine people on board in November 2015.

Click here to view the 49 documents in the docket, including the 102-page Operation Group Chairman's Factual Report with a full overview of the in

A portion of the report indicates a ground proximity warning system may have sounded before the crash. It reads:

About 1449, the Captain made mention of a high pitch and a concern about a recurrence of
decreasing speed, and the FO mentioned the planned approach speed. At 1450, ATC advised
EFT1526 to change to the local airport advisory frequency and to report cancelling IFR either on
the ground or in the air, and about the same time, the Captain had a discussion with the FO about
not wanting to stall the airplane. The last ATC transmission from EFT1526 occurred about 1450
when they advised ATC they were changing to the advisory frequency.

Full flaps were requested by the FO about 1451, and about a minute later the FO called out a
descent to minimums. About 1452, the Captain made mention of diving 2,000 feet per minute,
followed by the cockpit sounds of the windshield wipers and the Captain mentioning the ground.

About 1452, the Captain made a call out to level off, followed by the sounds similar to a stick
shaker and a ground proximity warning system (GPWS) aural alert.

Multiple witnesses observed the airplane descending in a left banked turn as it impacted the
apartment building about 2 miles from the AKR airport. Both pilots and all seven passengers
received fatal injuries.

The report also reveals the first officer, Renato Marchese, was operating the plane at the time of the crash.

Autopsy results show both pilots died from smoke inhalation. 

Diana Suriel, Ori Rom, Nick Weaver, Gary Shapiro, Thomas Virgin, Jared Weiner, Diane Smoot, Renato Marchese and Oscar Chavez were killed when the small twin-engine plane crashed into power lines, then a four-unit apartment building on Mogadore Road, causing the building and an adjacent building to catch fire. The plane landed in an embankment.

The bodies of all victims were recovered at the crash scene. is reviewing the documents and will report on new information as it is discovered.