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Nearly 600 dogs rescued from Tennessee puppy mill

Posted at 11:58 AM, Jun 24, 2020

Animal rescue workers say nearly 600 dogs were rescued from deplorable conditions in Tennessee. Now, dog rescue groups in the midwest are stepping in to help the animals get back to health.

Battling multiple infections and numerous medical needs, the recently rescued Dachshunds and Shar Peis were taken from an alleged puppy mill in Madison County, Tennessee. A rescue group, Guardians of Rescue, posted on Facebook they were part of the 11-month-long investigation into the location.

In Detroit, animal rights advocates, including Emily Seward from Dachshund Haus Rescue, have already stepped up to care for the animals.

"They were, and continue to be, in pretty rough shape," Seward said. For her, it's simply unimaginable how someone could neglect dogs so badly, and police say behind a 10-foot-tall privacy fence, the dogs had to face extreme abuse for a decade.

Police say the dog owners who were selling them as part of a business had already been accused of abuse and neglect years ago.

As investigators crack down on those behind the illegal operation, the dogs are now finally being given the attention they deserve after being rescued over the weekend.

The rescued dogs are not available for adoption now, and are considered evidence in a criminal case.

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