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NASCAR Hall of Fame vandalized with "All Lives Matter" messages

Posted at 2:23 PM, Aug 22, 2020

CHARLOTTE, NC — The Republican National Convention is set to kick off in Charlotte, North Carolina, next week. But some protesters are not waiting until then to take their messages to the streets.

In the early morning hours today, officers say at least one protester spray-painted "ALM" and "All Lives Matter" on the exterior walls of the NASCAR Hall of Fame and Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant in uptown.

Both buildings are located across the street from the Charlotte Convention Center where the RNC will be held.

The graffiti suspect was arrested on scene.

Investigators say the suspect's actions don't appear to be directly related to the RNC.

Then, last night, a handful of protesters gathered near the NASCAR Hall of Fame and, police said, tried to grab officer's bikes.

Officers responded with pepper spray, also using the chemical deterrent to keep the surrounding crowd back as they made arrests.

Increasing protest activity is expected to last through the week until the convention wraps up next Thursday.