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Motorcyclists stop traffic to help woman cross Arizona street

Posted at 10:08 PM, Apr 23, 2018

Three motorcyclists stopped traffic at a busy Mesa, Arizona intersection Sunday afternoon to help a woman cross the street.

The three riders; Eduardo Plascenia, Patrick Patterson, and Damon Pruit, were passing through 8th Avenue and Alama School Road around 1 p.m when one of the riders noticed and signaled to the others that a woman was stuck and stranded in the middle of the crosswalk. 

"No one seemed to care," explained Eduardo Plascencia. "No one slowed down and no one offered assistance." 

Video captured from Patterson's helmet shows Patterson and Plascenia turn around and head back to the intersection where Pruit had already stopped.

The riders used their bikes to stop traffic and assure that the woman would be able to cross safely.

The video shows the woman give a friendly wave to the riders who drive off after the woman is safely across. 

"She thanked us adamantly. She waved at us and thanked us. She had stopped shaking and had extended her hand to Eduardo and Damon and I behind her," said Patterson.