Mother shoots her two children in the head while they were lying in bed

Both children later died at a hospital
Posted at 12:53 PM, May 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-03 12:53:23-04

A Bucks County, Pennsylvania woman will face homicide charges after police say she shot her two children.

The woman is now in custody but only following an intense search to find her.

While the woman, Trinh Nguyen, was found, police say any hopes for a miracle are dashed after the two boys were gravely injured.

"Upon entry, both boys were found still alive but in their beds with gun shot wounds to their heads," said Matt Weintraub, Bucks County District Attorney.

Police rushed the children to the hospital but their injuries were too severe to survive.

Police say the boys will be organ donors and they say they don't yet have a clear answer they can share as to why their mother would shoot them.

Police say they have evidence Nguyen planned to take her own life and may have ingested something to try and make that happen.

She was taken to the same hospital as her boys - but has survived.

The District Attorney says both children will be organ donors and when that happens their mother charged with two counts of murder.