MLB All-Star Cano suspended 80 games for taking substance not known as a performance enhancer

Posted at 8:27 PM, May 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-15 20:27:25-04

Seattle Mariners second baseman Robinson Cano was suspended for 80 games on Tuesday by MLB after he tested positive for a banned substance as part of MLB's screening for performance-enhancing drugs. 

In a statement released by Cano, he claimed he took furosemide, which Cano said he took for a legitimate medical purpose. But the drug allegedly is commonly used as a masking agent. 

The drug could be used for high blood pressure, or to reduce extra fluid in the body caused by liver disease, heart failure or kidney disease, WebMD says. 

"Recently I learned that I tested positive for a substance called furosemide, which is not a performance-enhancing substance," Cano said in a statement issued by the MLB Players Association. "Furosemide is used to treat various medical conditions in the United States and the Dominican Republic. This substance was given to me by a licensed doctor in the Dominican Republic to treat a medical ailment.

"While I did not realize at the time that I was given a medication that was banned, I obviously now wish that I had been more careful."

Cano is an eight-time MLB All-Star. Cano was previously on the disabled list, and was expected to be out six to eight weeks. He will be eligible to return Aug. 14.