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Man tried breaking up fight before being killed

Posted at 4:34 PM, May 29, 2017

Police in Visalia, California, are searching for a man and a woman accused of running down a man with their car, killing him.

Authorities and the victim's family say the man was trying to break up an argument between the two of them.

Emotions have not set in for the Fisher family, after their loved one, Eric Fisher, was ran over by man and woman inside a car.

The victim's wife, Alice Fisher, said, "I don't understand how another human being could do that to someone."

She says her husband, whom many called "Fish", was out doing yardwork Saturday evening.

While working, two people across the street were arguing.

Fish, according to neighbors, walked over and asked them to leave because he did not want them fighting while kids were out playing.

That's when the couple got in the car and, according to neighbors, ran him into a fence before taking off with him down the road.  

His eight-year-old daughter witnessed it all.

"She runs in five minutes later saying, Mom, Daddy is hurt. When I come out my husband is underneath the tires and I'm pleading and yelling at her. Please my husband's underneath the tires. Please stop. She just kept going," Alice Fisher said.

They drove for about a block, before "Fish" fell from underneath the car.

He was rushed the hospital where he had his leg amputated and later died.

His brother-in-law says the family just wants the suspects to turn themselves in.

"My brother Fish didn't deserve this, no one deserves to die this way. He was a good guy all he ever wanted to just help somebody," said Juan Aleman.

Police say they are investigating the incident as a homicide.