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Man accidentally shoots weapon inside Florida gun store

Posted at 10:29 PM, Apr 07, 2018

CAPE CORAL, Fla., -- A man accidentally discharged his semiautomatic hand gun Friday while shopping for ammunition inside the retail portion of Shoot Center, a gun store in Cape Coral. 

"We always assume you have a loaded firearm," said Shoot Center Owner, Aaron Forum, describing store protocol for anyone that pulls out a gun.  

Forum took to Facebook to explain the incident: 

"On Friday April 6th, at approximately 11AM, a customer ignored posted signs at the entrance to Shoot Center, ignored the commands of Shoot Center staff, removed a loaded firearm from his pocket and negligently discharged his firearm into the floor of our facility. This customer was not trained by Shoot Center staff nor was he a frequent customer of Shoot Center."

His discharge left a bullet hole in the ground of the floor. Forum told Scripps station WFTX in Fort Myers the customer was banned from the store and will be detained by deputies if he returns. 

“This is a constant concern of ours, which is why we have a blanket zero tolerance policy.”

Shoot Center policy states that "no uncased firearms" are allowed unless the customer has a Concealed Weapons License. 

The store offers free conceal cases for customers with loaded firearms. 

Forum says the incident gives opportunity to talk about gun safety. He created a video on safety on Facebook. You can see the video here

No was injured during the incident.