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Long-term unemployed workers are starting to find new jobs

long-term unemployed
Posted at 4:47 PM, Jan 26, 2022

MIAMI, Fla. — When the pandemic hit South Florida, small business owner Leslie Schwimmer was forced to close up shop, leaving behind her massage business and her sense of security.

But more than a year after becoming unemployed, the 58-year-old is back at work and loving the path life has taken her on.

"I really am happy. I love the day-to-day of what I do," Schwimmer said.

When we first met Schwimmer in March of 2021, she was worried that her age was keeping her from finding a new job.

"I try to mask my age during interviews as much as I can," she said at the time.

After being forced into bankruptcy, Schwimmer thought she'd lost everything. But after countless interviews last year, she landed a job selling medical devices for a small company in Florida and is now back on her feet.

"I loved what I did before but I really like this new challenge," she said.

While Schwimmer misses running her own business, she does not miss the stress that came along with it.

"I really enjoy getting a check every two weeks and not worrying about paying everybody else," she added.

As for the two million, or so long-term unemployed Americans out there still looking for a new job, this single mother of two says don’t give up.

"When I look at the jobs I didn’t get, I have to admit I cried over some of them," she said. "Now, I think I’m where I should be."

This is part of a series of stories examining the question, "How are you doing?" where we check in with people from different walks of life to see how they’re handling the pandemic.