Jimmy Kimmel prank: Parents tell distraught kids they ate their Halloween candy

Posted at 5:02 PM, Nov 03, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-03 17:24:16-05

Last year’s outcome was so incredible that Jimmy Kimmel couldn’t resist putting loads of kids through their absolute worst nightmares… again.

It has become an annual tradition for five years running, in which Kimmel asks devilish parents to videotape themselves telling their children that they ate all the leftover Halloween candy.
Those poor kids’ reactions, as always, were priceless. Kimmel shared a compilation of some of the best clips, viewable below.

"But I wanted to try Skittles!" one little girl cries in response to the news. Meanwhile, an angry boy peeks in his bag and yells, "There's only wrappers in there, turkey butthole!"
Kimmel noted in the Monday night segment that the show received over 1,000 videos this year, a record number. Even actor Mark Ruffalo joined in on the fun – or despair, depending which side of the prank you’re on.
In Ruffalo’s video -- which he admits was “a little set up” -- he starts by stuffing some candy into his mouth before breaking the bad news to two of his children and their friends, who immediately begin screaming and running after Ruffalo.
Well, technically they start running after the Hulk (see what we mean by watching the video below).

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