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Hundreds of condoms clogging pipes leads to prostitution ring bust

Posted at 12:54 PM, Apr 13, 2017

A husband and wife running a massage parlor in Austin, Texas have been accused of running a prostitution ring. 

The evidence? A sewer system clogged with hundreds of condoms. 

Husband and wife Joseph Emery, 54, and Juan Wang, 49, have been charged with both engaging in organized criminal activity and money laundering, according to Austin-based KXAN

In February, detectives began investigating the couple's business, Jade Massage Therapy, which is located in northwest Austin, after a tip from the building's property management company. The station reported the company had taken over the property recently and realized there was a problem when the industrial waste disposal unit linking the property to the city sewer became clogged and destroyed by the condoms, according to a police affidavit. 

Multiple men were stopped by police on their way out of the massage parlor and confessed to paying for sexual services, according to KXAN. Police told KXAN the clients who frequented the massage parlor would tip between $40-$120 on top of a standard $60 charge for the massage.

On March 22, Police told KXAN they found Wang at the business with a naked man. Another naked man was found in another room with a female masseuse. More than $60,000 was found in a safe at their home. 

The husband and wife initially blamed each other for being in charge of the business.