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Hulu ending free streaming TV service, report says

Posted at 10:05 AM, Aug 08, 2016

Hulu will not offer free streaming TV anymore, according to a new report.

On Monday, the Hollywood Reporter claimed the company was switching to a paid subscription-only model soon. Current Hulu customers who use the free service are expected to be notified of the change in "the next few days," according to THR.

Since its groundbreaking launch in 2007, Hulu has offered consumers a way to watch current TV shows online shortly after they first air. The company also offers complete series, movies and original programming.

Subscribers can watch all of the company's content for $7.99 a month with limited commercial interruptions or commercial free for $11.99 per month. Until recently, the company also offered a free option that allowed users to watch certain episodes of a selection of shows with commercial interruptions.

According to Hulu, it has nearly 12 million subscribers.