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How to haggle down your bills

Posted at 4:28 PM, Apr 26, 2017

When it comes to internet, cable and cell phone bills they can really add up. In order to cut down your bill, you must make the dreaded phone call to your provider.

But now, a company called BillFixers is helping families haggle down their bills with three simple steps.

With the help of Wylie Tidwell, a mom of three, we put their tips to the test to help save her family money on the cable bill.

First tip, call the retention center. BillFixers claim the biggest mistake people make is calling the wrong place. Instead of customer service, ask for the retention center. Bilfixers say, “Those are the people that can actually change your plan and save you money.”

Without asking, Tidwell was automatically transferred to the retention center, because she told them that she wanted to cancel her membership. 

After standing her ground about needing to lower her bill, Billfixers suggest to be as friendly as possible. That way the provider is more willing to cut you a break.

Eleven minutes later, Tidwell ended up saving $11 a month. However, BillFixers claim, there is potential to save hundreds of dollars a year haggling down bills.

But, don't forget step three; always check your bill afterwards to make sure the changes were made.

If you are thinking about haggling down your utility bills, BillFixers say, that's a waste of time. Instead, stick to the cell phone bill, they say that's the easiest to cut down, because most people are signed up for a bigger plan then they actually need.