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How much of the eclipse will you see? NASA develops interactive app for Great American Eclipse

Posted at 5:00 PM, Jun 25, 2017

With the Great American Eclipse taking place on August 21, NASA has developed a special app that can show you minute-by-minute exactly how much of the sun will be eclipsed. 

With the help of NASA, you can visualize the exact progress of August's solar eclipse. 

The Great American Eclipse is one of the most significant astronomical events to happen in United States history.

A rare total eclipse of the sun will happen for those within a 70-mile-wide swath from Oregon to South Carolina. The swath cuts across major cities such as Kansas City and Nashville. 

August's eclipse marks the first total solar eclipse to span from coast to coast in the United States since 1918. The upcoming total solar eclipse is also the first for the United States since 1945.

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For those on either side of the swath, the majority of the Sun will be blocked by the moon at some point during the day of August 21 for everyone living in the Lower 48. For those living near the swath, more than 90 percent of the sun will be obscured during the afternoon of August 21. But even those living in Southern California or Maine will still see nearly two-thirds of the Sun blocked.