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How did a voting machine get sold on eBay?

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Posted at 12:22 PM, Sep 02, 2022

Officials are investigating how a Michigan voting machine found its way on the online auction site eBay, CNN reported.

The machine was auctioned for $1,200 and purchased by a cybersecurity expert in Connecticut. Harri Hursti said he reported the machine to authorities after making the purchase. He told CNN he was instructed not to open the machine's box.

The machine was reportedly dropped off at a Goodwill in northern Michigan before being sold by an Ohio man online.

The man told CNN he paid Goodwill $7.99 for the machine.

"I have a knack for finding hidden gems really cheap and turning a quick profit," Ean Hutchison told CNN.

Goodwill told CNN it is cooperating with investigators trying to determine how the machine landed there.

Officials said that voting machines are generally stored under lock and key.