'Hot Convict' Jeremy Meeks' wife says she plans to file divorce after cheating scandal

Posted at 9:06 PM, Jul 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-11 04:14:05-04

When "Hot Convict" Jeremy Meeks was caught kissing Top Shop heiress Chloe Green on a luxury yacht last weekend in Turkey, his fans were shocked. But no one more so than Meeks' wife, Melissa Meeks, who thought the father of her three children was out of the country for a modeling gig, promoting a holiday resort in Turkey.

On Sunday, Melissa Meeks told the Daily Mail, which first published the photos, that she felt "humiliated" after seeing images of her husband and Green, and that her "world has been torn apart."

"I know it takes two to tango but she knew he was married. To me, that's unforgivable. My whole world has been torn apart by this. What do I tell our children? My heart is broken," Melissa said.

In the interview, Melissa said that her now-estranged husband begged for forgiveness upon his return to Los Angeles and told her that he "didn't mean for this to happen."

The 38-year-old mother of three also says that the couple is done and will be divorcing. But just because the marriage may be over, doesn't mean Melissa's anger has faded.

In the emotional interview, Melissa asks, "What sort of woman would do something like this to another woman?

My marriage wasn't perfect but I thought it could be saved, until this happened."

As for whom she blames: "Of course I'm angry at her. What she did is unforgivable. And I'm angry at him too. What they did destroyed my entire world."

In the sit-down, Melissa, who is a nurse, said she is worried about how the affair will affect her children, who, she says, "are innocent victims in this. And so am I."

Last weekend, in addition to the kissing photos, Green, the daughter of Topshop billionaire Sir Philip Green, posted a photo of herself, Jeremy and his manager/photographer Jim Jordan.

"Just the Beginning," she wrote. "We appreciate all the love and the hate."

Green later deleted the image and has since shut down her Instagram account.

Jeremy Meeks rose to fame in 2014 after his blue-eyed mug shot, taken after his arrest for felony gun possession, went viral.

He was sentenced to more than two years in prison. While behind bars, he landed a modeling contract and has been heating up catwalks since his release in 2016.

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