Have a bone to pick with Congress? Talk to politicians via Podium app

Posted at 2:56 PM, Jan 15, 2015
and last updated 2015-01-15 14:56:51-05

The new Congress started session just last week, and without a doubt it is bound to make a few controversial decisions.

Controversial decisions will lead to inevitable bipartisan sparring in the Facebook and Twitter feeds of most.

Interested in expressing political opinion without boring your friends? There’s an app for that.

For those looking to amplify their voice by directly telling members of Congress what they think, the Podium app is a perfect conduit.

Voted one of the seven best news apps of 2014by PBS, Podium makes it easy to share political views, connect with congressmen and keep tabs on what’s going on in Washington.

PBS describes the app as “almost a Cliff’s Notes guide for wonky politicos or those striving to understand what the heck their elected officials in Washington are up to.”

The app leverages the power of social media, email and one-click calling to allow users to share opinions with elected officials and garner support across social media networks including Twitter and Facebook.

Podium has just released updates to the app that make communication even more simple.

In addition to following and communicating with politicians, app users can now follow topics and stay up-to-date on legislation related to areas of personal interest. 

Podium Version 2.1is available in the Apple store.