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Groups working on solutions to eliminate PFAS from water

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Posted at 2:51 PM, Jul 21, 2023

Nearly half of our country’s tap water could have one or more types of the health impacting chemicals known as PFAS in it.

New testing from The Environmental Working Group gives a new picture of where these forever chemicals are showing up.

The tests found PFAS in both large and small communities in 18 states where people tested their water.

The Environmental Working Group found in some places the chemicals turned up where they haven’t been reported previously.

Later this month, the EPA is expected to release its first round of date on PFAS that will give us an even better idea of how widespread the issue is with them.

This comes as groups are working on solutions to get rid of the forever chemicals.

Nonprofit Battelle is one of those groups.

It’s working with Revive Environmental at what is considered to be the first permitted PFAS remediation facility in North America.

“We actually have a plan, and we have the tools as a society to not only manage but to start to eliminate a problem that will probably be with us for 20 to 30 years. We can start today,” says Revive Environmental CEO David Trueba.

Here is what they’re doing in simple terms.

They’re taking wastewater and using heat and pressure at very high levels to destroy PFAS in the water.

The process works in 10 to 30 seconds.

They’re looking to bring this system to places like industrial companies and landfills across much of the country over the next six months.

“My family’s come to me with what should we do dad, what should we do husband? As far as PFAS treatment, get informed. On a local level, make sure that you do your homework. Ask your water quality district what the numbers are. Understand what that means. And as national and federal and local regulations come out do your civic duty and ask for what you want as a family for your health protection,” says Trueba.

Battelle and Revive Environmental aren’t working on drinking water just yet.

Until PFAS removal technology is in place in your community, certain home water filters may help some at reduce what you’re drinking.

You can find a recent review of those filters here.