Groom asks guests to pay for wedding expenses

Posted at 11:49 PM, Sep 20, 2017

We all know weddings are expensive. Food, drinks, hiring a DJ, and renting a venue are just among the many costs a couple are expected to pay for. 

But what if a couple asks for some help on wedding costs? 

One couple in England are asking for their guests to cover wedding expenses, according to the BBC

Ben Farina told the BBC that their wedding will be "like an all-inclusive holiday" for those attending and paying £150 ($202 US).

Nearly 60 adult guests, along with 20 of their children, have agreed to attend and chip in. In return, guests will receive a three-night stay at a venue which has a spa and pool. 

According to the BBC, the venue in Derbyshire, England will cost nearly $13,500, which is exactly how much the couple is expecting to receive from their guests. 

The couple have agreed to pay $2,000 for drinks, dresses and suits. The groom's mother and father are also chipping in to pay for a hog roast. Farina's stepfather is a chef, and has agreed to cook the hog roast. 

"People always pay a large amount of money to go to a wedding anyway, so why not have it paying towards the actual wedding rather than just to a business owner?" Farina told the BBC.

"I sold it to them a bit like an all-inclusive holiday, so all the food and drinks will be incorporated in that cost.

Farina's fiancee is on board with the idea. 

"I never thought we would be able to have a wedding like this," Clare Moran told the BBC. "We had spoken about marriage because we've got a little girl together and I always said we wouldn't be able to afford to do it, or it would have to be a registry office wedding, not a big wedding.

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