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Fox with head stuck in jar for a week rescued by volunteers in Florida

Posted at 6:01 PM, Jun 12, 2018

WESLEY CHAPEL, Fla. — After spending a week with her head stuck in a mayonnaise jar behind a Pasco Fire Rescue station, a fox has been given a fitting name — Miracle. 

She was found behind Pasco Fire Rescue Station 26. Firefighter Joseph Skanks was the first person to spot the stuck animal. 

“I told the guys there’s a fox with a jar on it’s head, everybody got up, came out, and we were amazed that he was just sitting there," Skanks said. 

Skanks and the crew tried to catch the fox, but no one could grab her. They called in Owl's Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife near Tampa to help. 

“I just couldn’t stand the thought of this poor innocent creature out there suffering,” volunteer Kelly Thomas said.

For five days, twice a day, Thomas tried to catch her. 

“I don’t know how she survived, I don’t know how she was breathing," Thomas said. 

With the help of a trapper, Thomas finally caught the fox and freed her from the mayonnaise jar. 

“She went a week without any food or water, which is amazing," Thomas added. 

Volunteers with Owl's Nest say they constantly see wildlife hurt or killed by trash.

“Plastic, fishing line, little rings from water bottles,” Thomas said. 

Recently, she and her kids cleaned up a local pond and found piles of junk. 

She said that if everyone picked up just a little trash it would go a long way to helping wildlife. 

As for Miracle, volunteers gave her some liquids and brought her back to her mom.