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This smart backpack works as a safety signal for cyclists

Posted at 9:20 AM, Jan 05, 2017

A company that created a flexible smartphone prototype has been given innovation awards at this year's Consumer Electronics Show — both for the FlexPhone and its Smart Cycling Backpack.

"The Royole Smart Cycling Backpack is a functional, cycling backpack that features an LED display grid embedded in the back panel, and Royole's patented flexible sensors for display control, layered in the shoulder strap fabric to create a variety of lighted traffic signals to enhance riders' safety," says a release about the product. "Rider illumination is critical and the more effective a cyclist is in communicating what they intend to do the more likely they will return home safely. The integrated sensors in the strap remove the need for external accessories to control the light patterns."

Royole's technology is exhibiting now at CES, which takes place though Jan. 8 in Las Vegas. 

On Wednesday, the wearable tech company revealed its new Moon 3D virtual mobile theater for which it was also given awards at CES.